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Executive Coaching

We partner with leaders and teams to maximize their potential and co-create authentic enduring change through learning, development and self-awareness. Our approach is centered on providing honest and objective feedback in the context of a supportive and high-trust, confidential relationship. Feedback regarding the executive's strengths and opportunities for improvement is used to design a reflective and practical development plan that supports both the individual's growth objectives and the company's core strategies.

We offer executive coaching, team coaching, onboarding coaching and coaching skills workshop.

Leadership Development

We collaborate with our clients to create adaptable and relevant development solutions that accelerate talent and business strategies. We do this by ensuring that the leadership development architecture directly aligns with and supports the organization's strategy, mission, culture, and purpose. We also put equal weight on individual, team, and organizational development — prompting progress and momentum at all levels.

Culture Assessment and Development

We view organization culture as the set of commonly shared beliefs, expectations, and values that influence and guide the thinking and behavior of organization leaders and members, and are reflected in how daily work is carried out. Culture development begins with understanding the current culture, creating framework for the desired future culture and developing a roadmap to support the evolution of the culture through work practices, people processes, communication, operating principles, new celebrations and other methods.

Transformation and Change

We help organizations and their people adjust to and adopt change, whether it is a technology system that requires process change, training and communication or engaging employees around a new vision and strategy. Our firm applies a methodology to managing change, tailored specifically to the needs of the organization.

Employee Engagement

We "take the temperature" of employees' degree of engagement through gathering qualitative and qualitative perspectives and work with our clients to develop and implement actionable solutions that help to shape the desired culture and supporting behaviors. Our approach is designed to provide practical insights and a framework for driving shared accountability and action to increase employee engagement every day.

Team Effectiveness

We design team interventions to support every stage of team development. We approach team effectiveness through foundational aspects of building teams -- fostering authentic 'dialogue' and trust. The quality of communication within the team is synonymous with the ability to give and receive feedback, the ability to solve problems together and the ability to overcome unproductive discussions skillfully.

EverythingDisc Authorized Partner

EverythingDisc Authorized Partner

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